Top 13 Marketing Agencies for Higher Education

Marketing agencies that focus on higher education generally offer a broad range of services that include: branding, communications, market research, and enrollment marketing. The agency landscape for this market is highly competitive, and as a result, there are numerous highly qualified agencies to choose from. Here, we have compiled a list of the top 12 marketing agencies for education.

1. Education Dynamics


EducationDynamics is the industry leader in helping colleges and universities find the highest quality student prospects to achieve their enrollments goals. As the trusted partner to more than 900 higher educational institutions, EducationDynamics has earned a reputation for providing the resources and expertise required to meet today’s recruitment challenges, delivering inquiry generation and agency level admissions, marketing, retention, and technology solutions to universities across the country.

2. Converge


Converge is the digital agency for education offering best-in-class enrollment marketing, communications and data analytics solutions. We connect the next generation of learners with best-fit institutions and programs and maximize your results with data-driven digital marketing.

3. Stamats


From market research to brand to multichannel campaigns, Stamats delivers clarity, inspiration, and momentum to colleges and universities. Clarity means you know what’s real and what’s possible. Inspiration flows from the lives you touch—students, alumni, neighbors—and the power of those stories when presented well. When we put all the pieces in motion, you have forward momentum.

4. EDU Interactive


EDU Interactive is a Silicon Valley based company specializing in post-secondary education enrollment marketing through a comprehensive use of technology and media buying experience.   We help the best schools in the country find great people to enroll in their programs.

5. Lipman Hearne


Lipman Hearne is the nation’s leading marketing agency delivering branding, strategy, and communications to the nonprofit sector. We help build reputations, raise funds, amplify voices, and recruit students and members for organizations ranging from advocacy groups and professional associations to universities, colleges, and cultural institutions.

6. Edufficient


Edufficient is a results-driven advertising management firm specializing in higher education. Our objective is to facilitate long-term growth for colleges and universities through intelligent media buying and management, innovative technology, and progressive methodology.

7. ClickSpark


ClickSpark is a leading performance based lead-generation company.  We specialize in generating leads and warm transfers in the education vertical.  Our lead generation platform features a proprietary algorithm that predicts lead success, allowing us to deliver high converting targeted leads to our clients.

8. Up&Up


Up&Up is a higher education marketing agency that helps colleges & universities stand out above the noise. We believe education moves the world forward through the growth of individuals, and we partner with our clients to find the heart of their stories and tell it in unique ways. Our brands, marketing strategies, design, & technology work together to help them recruit more of the right students, engage their alumni, and encourage greater giving to ensure life-changing education continues for years to come.

9. Paskill Stapleton & Lord


Paskill Stapleton & Lord is a full-service research, marketing and enrollment management firm specializing in results-driven solutions for higher education. Founded in 1986, we’ve worked with over 500 liberal arts colleges, faith-based institutions, public and private universities, and United States service academies to develop marketing and enrollment programs that successfully recruit students.

10. mStoner


mStoner, Inc. helps clients to tell their authentic stories by clarifying their unique brand value proposition, creating a content strategy to communicate the brand effectively, and implementing compelling and dynamic communications across the web, mobile, social media, print, and other channels. We focus on research, data, and results. Since 2001, we’ve worked with more than 300 colleges, universities, and professional schools in the U.S. and abroad.

11. enrolmentLAB


We understand Education. It’s all we do. Stay ahead of the frequent changes in the sector by partnering with the leading Education-specific marketing agency. Need a partner that understands funding, compliance, retention and conversion? We drive student acquisition. We’ve helped countless education specialists and agents refine their pipeline from intake, to conversion, to retention, so we understand each step of the process. Benefit from our industry specific IP and experience to hit the ground running in chasing your enrolment goals.

12. DayPacer


DayPacer is a quality-driven marketing company specializing in consumer product lead generation.  Working primarily in the higher education industry, DayPacer also provides leads for consumer healthcare products, solar leads and more.

13. Sixth City Marketing


Sixth City Marketing is a digital marketing agency located in Cleveland, OH that offers a variety of internet marketing services. We have vast experience helping colleges, trade schools, and alike with higher education marketing. We are skilled in helping schools get more leads to increase enrollment through unique content marketing, website optimization, pay-per-click, and so much more.


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