Ravetree’s Work Management Software Recognized for Intuitive Design

CompareCamp, an independent software review platform, recently recognized Ravetree for setting the gold standard in terms of usability in our niche. The team awarded us with the Great User Experience award for 2018, highlighting Ravetree as one of the most accessible and user-friendly Agile work management software solutions on the market.

The Great User Experience award for 2018 can be attributed to our streamlined design, allowing businesses to accessibly and reliably gain access to all relevant data. Aside from this, the team behind the Ravetree review states that our software greatly reduces or eliminates data redundancy and creates a frictionless workplace through “seamless and smooth” collaboration tools, all of which are facilitated on a “secure centralized hub.” Ultimately, this “helps businesses maximize their personnel and resources to become successful, and generate more revenue and profits,” wrote the CompareCamp’s experts.

CompareCamp also distinguished us with its Rising Star of 2018 award for our software’s growing presence on the market. This also signifies that Ravetree has firmly placed its footing in the industry as among the most reliable brands that businesses can trust.

Don’t hesitate to try Ravetree today if you’re looking to empower and unify your teams in order to accelerate and enhance your operations.

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