Why You Should Use a Content Management System for Your Agency’s Website

There are two basic types of agency websites, a static website and a CMS-powered website. Static websites are those built primarily through HTML and CSS. On the other hand, a Content Management System or CMS is a software that helps you build a website. It allows you to store, create, modify and publish digital content through helpful and usually easy to manage templates.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using a CMS in establishing your agency’s website:

Simple Collaboration and Access

In our previous discussion on the ‘Ways to Transform Your Agency’, we recognized that marketing is changing at such a fast pace and for companies to stay competitive, they must continuously innovate and look for technologies to enhance efficiency. A CMS lets multiple people access and work on different projects at the same time. With this feature, everyone with an account can add, edit or update content, without the hassle of sending multiple files to different individuals.

Little to No Programming Experience Needed

Content management systems come with a “what you see is what you get” editor that is tailored for those who have little to no programming experience. Building your website with a CMS will make content management simple and easy. You can easily insert and upload images and text onto specific pages and style it in a content editor that is
fashioned like Microsoft Word.

On-the-Spot Maintenance

Constantly staying up-to-date is a must for agencies’ sites, which normally require fresh content day in and day out. Updatable underlines the importance of keeping websites streamlined, in a sense that tasks, ranging from simple spelling mistake edits to replacing a robots.txt file, are easily fixed with a few simple clicks. Static websites are hard to
update and edit, especially since even the littlest mistake could disrupt the entire layout or operation of your webpage. A CMS-powered website that lets you manage content without the worry of ruining the entire website is incredibly instrumental in keeping your web page relevant.

Cost Effective

The primary benefit of CMS is being user-friendly to individuals that do not have a strong technical background. This, therefore dramatically cuts the cost of maintaining a website. DZone expressed that with a content management system, a company’s reliance on a web developer can be kept to a minimum since the owner can publish and modify content.

Additional Online Security

The last thing you want is for your agency’s website to be hacked and have your important data accessed or stolen. Developers and computer scientists are consistently testing content management systems to ensure that users are protected from all potential security threats. Most CMS’ also allow for plugins and tools that can further enhance the
security of your website.

All in all, building your agency’s website through a CMS usually results in greater returns – because it’s accessible to anyone and are often quite easy to learn, you reduce your reliance on web developers and prevent development bottlenecks. Websites built through a CMS are often more secure than those built from scratch, and updates to
information can be made with ease. A CMS is the perfect choice for an agency looking to launch a new website.

Written exclusively for Ravetree.com
by Jean Worthington

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