The Digital Project Manager Announces Ravetree as a Top Project Management Tool of 2019

The Digital Project Manager, one of the largest and most credible platforms for digital project management information and thought leadership, just released an expert review of the Top Project Management Tools of 2019.

We’re pleased to announce that Ravetree ranked among the top tools on the list. With many tools on the market, The Digital Project Manager strives to identify the best-in-class apps and software that make life easier for people who lead or manage digital projects.

The DPM badge displayed on our site identifies Ravetree as a key player within our industry and as top-rated tool among the various brainstorming software, resource management software, time tracking apps (and more), that help digital teams to simplify and streamline their work.

Speaking about acknowledgement, The Digital Project Manager Founder, Ben Aston said, “As project managers, we use an astounding variety of project management tools every day, especially in fast-moving digital agencies. So it’s great to shine a spotlight on the tools that literally save our lives and keep us from throwing our toys out of the pram and having a total meltdown! To get projects out the door, we need these tools!”

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